Marketing & Communication Consulting

We offer qualified consulting about Marketing and Communication.
The aim is to reach new potential customers and create a set of propositions to promote the activity.

Marketing is necessary to select the target audience, to reach and get to know by potential customers and decide a set of propositions to promote the activity.

Supporting and accompanying the customer in the creation and organization of the marketing plan is essential to achieve the predetermined business targets.

The services offered are various:

  • the development of a marketing plan (e.g.: brand creation, brand identity development, etc.);
  • the creation and management of events;
  • the creation or renovation of the coordinated image, the "Vision", the "Mission" and the "Claim";
  • the web marketing services (e.g.: SEO);
  • the realization of customized graphic material (e.g.: catalogs, brochures, business cards, etc.)
and all that can be used to make this instrument as effective as possible.

Websites & SEO Optimization

We create professional and customized websites and e-commerce sites, moreover we also offer the mobile version.
We provide the SEO indexing service on the main search engines (ex: Google).

Creation of customized websites: in this way you can realize a custom-made work for every need considering that nowadays a website is an essential business card for companies.
To do this we curate the graphic part and create a different source code for each site.
Every completed work includes the mobile version, both for smartphones and tablets.
We also create and structure platforms for online commerce (known as e-commerce), using CMS.
It is also realized the mobile version of these platforms to allow customers to make purchases at any time.
For every website we create the SEO that is nothing more than the placement on search engines.

SEO is essential to ensure a site to be easily found by users.

Social Media Marketing

We propose the creation, management, updating and development of Social Media.
This is because Social Media have very strong makings at commercial and marketing levels.

"The world becomes day after day ever more social"

Business or commercial pages become more and more important because through their profiles they reach a more widespread network of people.
The most used social media are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

Having a social page allows you to increase your popularity by reaching a wider audience, developing and getting to know your brand or presenting an attractive image of your services and products.

Ad Litteram offers the management, updating and development of social pages, also offering the creation of advertising graphic material.

Organization and Creation of Business Events

We handle the creation and realization of events, starting from the conception, going on with its organization and development, creating the dedicated graphic advertising material and designing multi-channel promotional campaigns.

Creation and realization of events, supporting the client in every phase to ensure that his idea could become reality.

Everything is born with the conception and the study of the event, passing through the organization of the same, then looking for a suitable place, the catering and everything can be used to structure it and make it happens.

It is important to combine an event with the creation of graphic advertising material, with the design and the organization of promotional campaigns on social networks and other channels.
Creating an event has many purposes, the most common are: get to know by the people, or launch a new product, a new service, a new business or a new brand.

Customize Advertising Graphics

We create and realize advertising graphic material designed specifically for every situation and need, in order to develop your business through the creation of personalized material.

An important part of marketing is dictated by the creation and realization of advertising graphic material studied specifically for each situation and designed to accompany marketing campaigns, with the aim of catching and capturing the attention of the assigned target.

The service offered includes the study, design and realization of fully customized graphic material.

By meeting the customer's needs it is possible to realize:

  • editing and post-production of images
  • business cards
  • flyers
  • brochure
  • leaflets
  • catalogs
  • billboards
  • signs
  • advertising flags
  • pre-spaced stickers
  • menu for café and restaurants

and more.

Foreign Consultings

We offer specialized consulting for companies that want to extend their business abroad, providing them with the appropriate tools to analyze the market and understand how to act.

In 2017 there was a strong increase of the export of Italian products abroad.
The nations with which the greatest commercial exchanges occur are always the same: Russia, China, United States and European Union countries.
Bringing a company, a product or a brand abroad means working on a well-known brand: Made in Italy.

It is essential to study the countrywide system which you want to set your sight on: to bring a company abroad you have to know the culture, the economy, the jurisprudence of the state in which you want to expand your business.
In this way, accompanying the client during the process, we intervene to analyze and decide the most appropriate path to follow.

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