Discovering Tanzania - Organize your Journey in Africa

Discovering Tanzania

Discovering Tanzania is a tourist site with an interactive map realized to let the people know about the beauty of Tanzania and promote tourism in other areas different from the Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.
The Government wants above all to launch and promote the southern circuit of natural parks. In fact in recent years Tanzania has been working hard to create new structures suitable for tourists.
This site is waiting the official recognition by the Government of Tanzania.

Link to the website: www.discoveringtanzania.info

Info point for investment in Tanzania

Sportello Tanzania

Tanzania counter is an informational site created at the express request of the Government of Tanzania to let the people know about the investment opportunities and to bring Italian companies to Africa.
This is part of the government's semi-industrialization project which will expire in 2025.
In this site you can find all the information to start your business in Africa, moreover you will also find a section dedicated to articles speaking about and describing the Tanzanian economy.

Link to the website: www.sportellotanzania.it